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A small insight into the machines and technology we use....


A little insight into carpet cleaning using extraction units and window cleaning using water fed poles....

Window Cleaning Up To 60FT



Water Fed Technology

Pure water fed system or traditional methods


There is no need for detergents or chemicals that may leave spots and streaks on your windows, you windows now dry cleaner, and the environment doesn't suffer at the expensive of previously used cleaning agents.


The telescopic poles can reach windows over lawns and flower beds, and with our cleaners working from ground level there is less disturbance to yourself and your privacy can still be maintained.


Conservatories roof can be cleaned without any unnecessary risk to your investment.


With the water fed pole pure water system, producing de-ionised water, frames can be cleaned as well as the glass so your whole window will look clean.


This process has been proven in the UK market place, is used by some of the UK's leading commercial window cleaning companies, and is accepted as being the future of window cleaning.

All equipment, including the water is transported from site to site by our cleaners.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
Hot Water Extraction Unit

Hot water extraction units.....


The hot water extraction cleaning method uses specialist equipment that spray heated water (not steam), with added cleaning chemicals, on to the carpet while at the same time vacuuming the sprayed solution up along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt.  Many carpet manufacturers actually recommend professional hot water extraction as the most effective carpet cleaning method.. Actual steam could damage manmade carpet fibres or shrink natural fibres such as wool.


The extraction method is an adavantage for persons concerned about possible chemical exposure, especially where children will be playing or crawling.


The machines that we use are portable, so can be plugged into an electrical outlet or straight to the maines socket at your property.  The machine is then connected to hoses which then stretch around or through your property (max of 22.5mtrs) to make it possible to clean your carpets with least inconvenience as possible..

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